July 5th Social Distance Tour

Publishing the route ahead of time for our July 5th Social Distance Tour allowed those interested in participating the opportunity to see just where we would be headed. This was important because of the less than great weather on Sunday. It also resulted in a turnout far better than it might otherwise have been.


We met in the lot at the foot of Mt. Battie. We chose not to go to the top knowing we wouldn’t be able to see anything because of the fog and drizzle. After passing through Lincolnville Beach on Route 1, we turned left into the hills and valleys of Northport.  Ultimately recrossing Route 1, we turned North on Shore Road and headed to Bayside. Shore Road is a lovely four or five mile ride immediate next to Penobscot Bay. 


In the heart of Bayside we paused for some drone photos at the wharf and to look at the colorful cottages. We then headed to Belfast. The Town of Belfast has done an excellent job converting its former industrial waterfront into a great riverfront park complete with gazebo. 


Masked and social distanced, it was never-the-less apparent everyone was having an excellent time together. Present for the tour was a trio of Jaguars, pairs of MGBs, Morris Minors and Porsches plus a Healey and a Triumph. The twelve cylinder E Type Jag probably had the best growl of the group. Thank you Nancy Graham for your excellent preparation for the Social Distance Tour. 

MMSCC Holiday Party and Annual Meeting  January 4, 2020

A good turnout and a good time was had by all at the annual traditional Holiday Party and Annual Meeting in Camden on January 4th. Over 30 of our members enjoyed a pot luck lunch buffet followed by club president Frank Wnek presiding over the club’s Annual Meeting, summarizing the vents of 2019, new membership update and the tentative schedule for 2020. The current slate of officers were re-elected for another 2 year term. The highlight of this year’s events will be an overnight trip to Mount Desert Island and visit to the Seal Cove Auto Museum. This was followed by the ever popular and entertaining Yankee Swap.

New Club Website launched January 2020

In response to comments from some members at large and also board members we decided last year that it was about time to update our club website - to make it more user friendly and easier to find information such as the events schedule, to register for events, etc.

Another improvement we have made, in response to member requests, is to provide a Membership Directory of club members with their contact phone numbers, emails and a listing of the cars they own. This page of the site will be protected for members only with a password required for access. You will be provided with a generic password for initial entry after which you can enter your own personal password. And those who do not wish to have this information displayed can opt out of inclusion in the directory. Just let us know if you so choose.


Along with our new webmaster we plan to periodically post information on changes to the events schedule, any special short notice event opportunities that might comer up, and other sports car noteworthy news items.


We hope you will find the new and improved club website more helpful and newsworthy. Any ideas you might have to make it better would be gratefully received.


Frank Wnek

President, Mid Maine Sports Car Club 

Camden, Maine  | Email: