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Camden Classic Cup Regatta Show

For the fourth year in a row, with a one year break when the event was cancelled in 2021 for Covid, our club has been invited to display our cars as part of the Camden Classic Cup Regatta, featuring classic sail boats. Our host, Lyman Morse Shipyard, reserves their parking lot on the far (East) side of Camden Harbor for us, which provides a pleasant venue for displaying our cars AND as a bonus gives us a front row seat, pier side, for the ‘Parade of Boats’ that starts in bound on the east side of the harbor, does a 180 at the end and goes outbound on the west side of the harbor.

This year, due to restrictions in the Lyman Morse parking lot were were limited to 21 cars, and the registration list filled up fast. Fortunately a few early registrants had to cancel out (unfortunately for them actually) so as it turned out everyone on the wait list was able to get one of the coveted parking slots on the eve of the event.

Once again, the club displayed a nice variety of sports cars from Aston Martin to Morgan to MG to Triumph, Morris, Austin Healey, Porsche and perhaps a few others I don’t recall. It was another lovely day and over 100 amazing vintage sailboats from numerous custom builders participated in the parade. The veterans even brought folding chairs for their front row seats—good thinking.

Since Camden was pretty crowded with event participants and tourists, the group decided on the good suggestion of several of our members, to proceed out of town a bit to the Ports of Italy restaurant for our typical event lunch. Which makes me wonder if we have become a car club, or a lunch club with cars? I guess both works.


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