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Founders Day

On a lovely mid summers day on Saturday July 16th a small but enthusiastic contingent of our club members made the drive to Paris Hill, Maine to attend the annual Founders Day to visit the fabulous Bill Bahre Auto Collection, open only one day a year to the public as a fundraiser for the Paris Hill Library. It’s not every day that you get to see a lineup of 5 perfectly restored and dazzling Dusenbergs, and then wander on through the building to take in maybe a dozen equally perfectly restored vintage Packards, with a few Alfa Romeos, Mercedes, Hispano Suizas,, Cadillacs and numerous other marques on display, which are rumored to be only a sampling of Bill’s entire collection. And as an added bonus, a quick glance at the western horizon from over the pool pavilion behind the Bahre mansion on this clear day provides a view all the way to MT Washington in New Hampshire. The reserved parking set up for our club’s cars gave the many visitors a chance to check out our lineup of well turned out Austin Healey, MGs, Jaguars and a Datzun 260Z.

After the show most of our clubs attendees decamped to the neighboring town of Norway for an outdoor but covered and shielded from the sun lunch at the Norway Brew Pub. And I even got a free ride, navigating for George in his recently acquired Jaguar 420 on its first major road trip. All went well and we returned home safe and sound with no kissing parts yet discovered.


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