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Fall Peeper Tour Ends MMSCC Driving Season Events

They started arriving even before 10 AM and kept coming and coming. By 10:30 25 cars had congregated at the appointed rendezvous, the Diary Queen in Woolwich. The forecast had been a bit shaky earlier in the week, but by Friday it had improved to partly cloudy, seasonably warm temperature of 65F and just a slight chance of rain.

After some quick driving instructions the long caravan of multi-marque sports cars departed, heading down Rte 127, across the bridge with a view of Bath Iron Works across the river, through Arrowsic and then Georgetown. After a pleasant drive of 15 miles or so along a winding road lined with trees in bright orange and yellow fall foliage, we reached lands end at the Five Islands lobster co-op and promptly filled the parking lot for a break and some photo ops.

Then it was time to start up again and double back to our real destination, the home of Ricardo and Cathleen and an excited little hostess Miss Amelia, who welcomed everyone with a beaming smile as we arrived at their hilltop home in Georgetown. Ricardo gave a tour of his garage shop, featuring his beautiful Lotus Europa project while others found a place on the deck to have their picnic lunch. Amelia led those she could coax on a walk down a wooded path to her secret tree house. Thanks to our hosts for providing a most pleasant afternoon.

After lunch a sea breeze brought an overcast cloud cover and a few errant raindrops, causing those who had arrived top down to scramble to erect hoods or tonneau, by which time the rain had subsided. There were reports of encounters with rain by those who headed back home to the north, but my drive home to Harpswell was pleasant and just slightly cool.

It’s hard to believe it is almost November and another driving season has passed. Well, there’s always next year. DOOOOON’T MISS IT!


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