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Railroad Museum Tour

Indian Trail and WWF Railway Museum Tour

The MMSCC season of events continued strong with a good turnout for an interesting tour of Charles Harris’ Indian Trail Antiques in Newcastle, where the group of 20 or so members meandered the multi floors of this interesting antique shop filled with many themes of memorabilia. From there the group made a short jaunt to nearby Wiscasset, Waterville and Farmington Railway Museum, where a dedicated group of volunteers and museum staff maintain several unique narrow gauge (a mere 24 inches from rail to rail) locomotives and passenger cars and treated the group to a short ride on their several miles of restored track and toured the several outbuildings where the restoration work was in progress. (In reality this private narrow gauge railway never made it all the way to Waterville, never mind Farmington)

Ending the day the group continued on to, appropriately, the Reunion Station diner, built around an old railway caboose, for a pleasant and tasty lunch.


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