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The 2024 Taste of Maine Rally

The first of June saw nearly 25 club cars gather at the Taste of Maine restaurant on Rte. 1 in Woolwich, under the giant lobstah. (US Rte. 1 hereabouts is known as the migratory route of the Maine lobster.) Great weather and a great route chosen by Lucy Harrington were, shall we say, highlighted by Ian Marshall’s sometimes obscure and devious 50 clues and observations.

First to the finish line at the Shuck Station Raw Bar in Newcastle in an incredible two hours flat were Sam Surprise and Claire Marshall—and with a very high point score, too. Most of the other rallyists took three hours to complete the course, and one came close to four hours. (Lesson learned for the future: There will be a time limit!)

Ian Marshall reported that a couple of question caught out most of the competitors, including one about “F.H. Shepard” and another having to do with three flags at one house. Once the owner (another transplanted Scot) realized he and his flags were part of the rally, he got them all out on display again for the later cars, and thereafter engaged with most of the rally teams, too.

In third place we had Deb and Scott Randal in their Alfa; second place went to Brent and Susan Pope in their Porsche; and the winners—repeating their 2022 first-place finish—were Tom and Wendy Miller in their BMW Z4. Congratulations to all, and great thanks to Ian Marshall and Lucy Harrington!


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